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1.Your messages should not have: 

1.1 bad words or unprintable expressions 
1.2 Insults and (or) threats against other forum participants;
1.3 Insults and (or) threats against organizations or 3rd persons 
1.4 calling for violence and (or) discrimination on any reasons; 
1.5 Expressed religious calls and (or) ideas; 

1.6 Personal information about others forum members or administrators/moderators 
1.7 Propagandizing of narcotic substances;  
1.8 Mention of other resources (except for groups in the VK), hints of finding the necessary material there (except official sites (; avsim; simrussia; x-aviation)) 
1.9 Requests for serial numbers or activation keys; 
1.10 Links to sites containing information on how to obtain illegal / counterfeit copies of programs (OTHER RESOURCES/forums); 
1.11 Information that does not correspond to reality (knowingly false); 
1.12 Questions previously discussed at the forum; 
1.13 Meaningless utterances and (or) sets of symbolic symbols (smiles);
1.14 Verbal provocations against other participants in the forum; 
1.15 Continuation of discussions on issues that have been closed or deleted by the moderator; 
1.16 Abuse of design elements (in large letters, colors and highlighting), hindering the visual perception of the forum; 
1.17 Too many grammatical errors and violations of linguistic norms, excessive use of warped words and jargon 
1.18 Latin characters when creating a message in Russian; 
 1.18.1 Cyrillic when creating a message in English; 
1.19 Correspondence, which is not of interest to the Forum participants; 
1.20 Messages are off-topic; 
1.21 The site administration has the right to limit or completely prohibit the discussion of certain software products without explanation of the reasons; 
1.22 Discussion of the actions of the moderator (administrator), except for the specialized forum "Complaints Book" (will be later) 
1.23 Calls for violation of current legislation. 
1.24 Over-quoting , as well as empty quotes (deliberate SPAM); 

   2.It is forbidden to use;  

2.1 ONLY CAPITAL LETTERS in the names of topics and messages (except for abbreviations or company names, trademarks, products, etc., that is, everything that is traditionally written in uppercase). Capital letters can be used to highlight or accentuate words or phrases, but do not necessarily account for more than 30% of the message text. 
2.2 It is forbidden to quote (in whole or in part) or retell personal correspondence in the public sections of the site without the prior consent of the participants in the correspondence.
2.3 It is forbidden to quote fragments of text, torn from the context, in order to distort the meaning of the statement. 
2.4 It is forbidden to post images of a sexual or erotic nature in the public sections of the forum 
2.5 It is forbidden to edit messages after they have been edited by a moderator (administrator). 
2.6 It is forbidden to change the text of a message if the message was published after verification by the moderator (administrator) 
2.7 It is forbidden to create the same (similar) in importance topics in different sections (if the topic is related to the AP, then you need to write to the branch with the AP, and not go to the branch of the aircrafts). 
2.8 It is forbidden to repeatedly place identical (similar) by the meaning of topics and (or) messages. 
2.9 Do not use photos / screenshots without first reducing the size of the photo / screenshot (to reduce the image: double-click on the image, start size changing  


 3.Signature requirements 

3.1 The signature with obscene expressions, pornography, and drugs is forbidden. 
3.2 It is forbidden to use this image ->   0TB0IWFiBd0.jpg 

                               It is the signature of the administration and moderators.        



                                                 !!!!!Crimes and punishments!!!!!  

1.1 -1.5 ꟷ 1-warning, 2-warning, 3-BAN (with the possibility of recovery)  
1.6 ꟷ BAN (without recovering possibility) 

1.7 - 1.24 ꟷ 1-warning, 2-warning, 3-warning, 4-BAN or function blocking 
2.1 - 2.3 ꟷ Warning 

2.5 - 2.7 ꟷ 1-warning, 2-warning, 3-warning or locking of some functions
2.8 ꟷ blocking certain functions 

2.9 ꟷ 1-warning, 2-warning, 3-BAN  
3.1 ꟷ 1-warning, 2-warning, 3-BAN 
3.2 ꟷ 1-warning, 2-warning, 3-warning, 4-locking of some functions


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