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      New! we will gradually spread the new aircrafts! REGISTER FOR SEE ALL!   02.02.2017

      Dear users! Thank you for being with us! This forum was created for Addons xplane. Call your friends and stay tuned!  
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      WorldEditor 1.6b1 Available   04.02.2017

      The first version of WorldEditor that is compatible with X-Plane 11 is now available! WED 1.6 features: - Service vehicle parking, destinations, and routes - Better validation, including a text document of errors - Additional previews in the preview pane - Hierarchy searching - New editing commands - Unicode support on Windows - Better UV map handling - Tons of bug fixes Grab a copy of WED 1.6b1 here and give it a try, then report any bugs on the Gateway Bug Reporter page. (Note that this version cannot be used to upload scenery to the Gateway yet.)
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      Внимание! Правила форума!   17.02.2017

      На нашем форуме приняты некоторые правила, просьба ознакомиться с ними в разделе "Правила форума".  We have a rules, please read them.
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      Planes for XP11   08.04.2017

      Hey guys! You can download planes for X-Plane 11 on our forum.
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      New video on our YouTube channel   21.05.2017



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  1. Nope, they're both mine. Raz is the one I use, but for some reason, it does not give me access to the Aircraft section. Each time I do I get a "you have no permission" type of message. I have sent multiple messages about this but nobody got back, so I created "Raze" which gives me access to that section. If my "Raz" problem gets fixed, I don't mind deleting "Raze"!
  2. Here is a good download: Download From MEGA Have fun cycle_info.txt
  3. Thanks MeerKat! It is known as one of the most dangerous approaches worldwide, because of the terrain surrounding the airport that doesn't allow much maneuvering, but also because of weather conditions. In such a mountainous environment, winds keep changing direction and speed as the hit the surrounding ridges, adding some challenge to controlling the airplane. Now because of the high terrain configuration, no night operations are allowed, only day in VMC as stated in included document to initial post on page 6 (item 22)
  4. Well IMC is problematic for both runways BTW. For 33 you have to descend and land flying in the canyon after PRO-VOR all the way to the airport, so you definitely have to keep a sharp eye on the mountains, and with rwy 15, after you fly overhead the airport, all that maneuver into the gorge and the descent turning and along the ridge require that you also have constant visual on the terrain. If you take a look at the PDF I uploaded you will see that the airport real-life briefing clearly states that only VMC conditions and no night-operations are allowed ... in IMC, maybe if you use the GPS with some user-programmed waypoints .... I think it would still be too risky ... just my 2 cents anyway Thank you, but there are still things to improve which would be serious no-no's in real-life (like the slight overshoot just before touch-down) Thanks guys!
  5. Hi there, Paro airport in Bhutan is known to be one of the most dangerous and challenging airports in the world, because of its location, runway direction (Landing on 15 and taking off 33) and the surrounding high terrain. In fact just a few pilots are certified to land and take off from VQPR. Landing on 33 should no be a big burden except for a little dive to bring the plane to landing configuration, no your burden will top if the weather requires that you touch down on runway 15, as it involves overhead flying with basically turning back to the airport while having to deal with loss of altitude and speed all coupled to CFIT avoidance. Since I managed to set the DrukAir A319 (quite) safely on 15, I just decided to share my clues with the community in this video, for those of you up for the challenge, or maybe just out of curiosity. I am also adding all the official info and charts for the approach. Even if one of the charts suggests this is a VOR approach, officially the approach is Visual. Only the first part of it is flown with instruments, once you pass VQPR, you're only relying on what you see, so decide carefully depending on weather conditions. For the rest, just take every single bit of pleasure flying and satisfaction when you set the park brake at the stand ... all safe and sound VQPR_CHARTS.pdf
  6. Thanks. Nice catch for the flaps, was just on notch 1! Also others procedural screw ups like taxiing to parking with landing lights on, just to name a few haha!
  7. I am posting this because I had some left-over video footage that I had planned to use in my Helsinki release package, and which finally did not make into the release (realized I had that freakin' mouse pointer in the middle of the screen .... yeah I know now you're not gonna take eyes off it). Anyway, just wanted to highlight how beautiful the airport is and to show it in use this time. I hope you'll enjoy: