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      New! we will gradually spread the new aircrafts! REGISTER FOR SEE ALL!   02.02.2017

      Dear users! Thank you for being with us! This forum was created for Addons xplane. Call your friends and stay tuned!  
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      WorldEditor 1.6b1 Available   04.02.2017

      The first version of WorldEditor that is compatible with X-Plane 11 is now available! WED 1.6 features: - Service vehicle parking, destinations, and routes - Better validation, including a text document of errors - Additional previews in the preview pane - Hierarchy searching - New editing commands - Unicode support on Windows - Better UV map handling - Tons of bug fixes Grab a copy of WED 1.6b1 here and give it a try, then report any bugs on the Gateway Bug Reporter page. (Note that this version cannot be used to upload scenery to the Gateway yet.)
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      Внимание! Правила форума!   17.02.2017

      На нашем форуме приняты некоторые правила, просьба ознакомиться с ними в разделе "Правила форума".  We have a rules, please read them.
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      Planes for XP11   08.04.2017

      Hey guys! You can download planes for X-Plane 11 on our forum.
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      New video on our YouTube channel   21.05.2017



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  1. I guess it's someone i've banned ! Thank for the heads up lol
  2. Should we ban him ? I don't wanna try download this shit @Aeronildo @Cohda
  3. Thank you
  4. Thank you Do you have the little navmap airacs too ? @aeksj008
  5. Thank you ! By chance, do you have the custom data & eventually the UFMC ?
  6. Why should I did this ?
  7. Autant les photos sont belles mon ami, autant je sais pas comment tu fais pour piloter avec un framerate si bas. Tu dois rarement dépasser les 30 fps. C'est xEnviro qui est si gourmand ?
  8. Doesn't exist... Use custom data !
  9. cycle txt cycle_info.txt
  10. Merci Pompidou
  11. Spinning clouds They really breaks realism. I just can't live with those. Except this, it's beautiful.
  12. Thank you for your fast answer and upload Mate, have a nice day