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      New! we will gradually spread the new aircrafts! REGISTER FOR SEE ALL!   02.02.2017

      Dear users! Thank you for being with us! This forum was created for Addons xplane. Call your friends and stay tuned!  
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      WorldEditor 1.6b1 Available   04.02.2017

      The first version of WorldEditor that is compatible with X-Plane 11 is now available! WED 1.6 features: - Service vehicle parking, destinations, and routes - Better validation, including a text document of errors - Additional previews in the preview pane - Hierarchy searching - New editing commands - Unicode support on Windows - Better UV map handling - Tons of bug fixes Grab a copy of WED 1.6b1 here and give it a try, then report any bugs on the Gateway Bug Reporter page. (Note that this version cannot be used to upload scenery to the Gateway yet.)
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      Внимание! Правила форума!   17.02.2017

      На нашем форуме приняты некоторые правила, просьба ознакомиться с ними в разделе "Правила форума".  We have a rules, please read them.
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      Planes for XP11   08.04.2017

      Hey guys! You can download planes for X-Plane 11 on our forum.
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      New video on our YouTube channel   21.05.2017



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  1. Garmin/Jeppesen RealityXP/Flight1 GTN 650 / 750 / Complete Navigation Database Cycle 1810 For Garmin GTN 650 / 750 Trainer Version 6.21+ Mr Ho Lee Fhuk has again kindly shared some updates for 1810 on boerse again. This time he has included the updates compatible with Flight1 as well as RealityXP. You can find RealityXP GTN 650/750 1810 here and Flight1 GTN 650/750 1810 here All creds to Mr Ho Lee Fhuk, I'm just the messenger
  2. No. I never said your question was stupid, nor did I imply it. Although, since you bring it up, the answer to your question is in the very first post, on the very first line. So... yeah, to someone familiar with the thread your question could look to be a bit stupid. However, that was not my intention. I did make a pun. It was not aimed at you but rather the situation that exists regarding the site where these files are sourced and the issues that many seem to have gaining access and navigating that site. You could not have known this and I apologize if you mistook this for a personal attack. Once you go to the first post and read the first line to find your answer ( ) you will understand once you go through the process of gaining access to the site.Or.. you will be one of the few that has no issues and think i'm just an ass. Anyway... not trying to hate, just trying to educate.
  3. If we told you where to find it you probably still wouldn't be able to find it haha. But seriously I'm not joking. I only laugh because its true. All the info is in this thread, its only 3 pages long, you should read it. It's proper forum etiquette to read through a thread and get up to speed before posting any questions in it. Your question or the information you seek may be already posted. Not taking a shot at you, just trying to educate. If you teach yourself to mine forums for information your time spent will be more productive as opposed to posting questions and wait, hoping someone replies with an answer.
  4. If you can access the site linked to please do and give credit to the person that took the effort to share the files. If for whatever reason you cannot access Boerse I have included the links in a text file. As I have stated before, please do not give me rep for sharing these links. This is not my work. I am only trying to provide access to the links for those that cannot gain access to the page they were posted on. All credit to Ho Lee Fhuk who made these valuable files available.
  5. Garmin Trainer Version 6.41+ Nav Database Cycle 1807 For GTN 650 / 750 RealityXP Mr Ho Lee Fhuk has kindly shared some updates for 1807 on boerse again. You can find them here
  6. I don't like to link other peoples uploads but since many people seem to have issues with Boerse I will provide the links to the 1805 update in a text file. No Rep please. This is not my work. I am only trying to provide access to the links for those that cannot, for whatever reason gain access to the page they were posted on. All credit to Ho Lee Fhuk who made these valuable files available.
  7. New Basemap available https://boerse.to/thema/x-plane-addons-angebote-sammelthread.416462/page-20#post-12129909
  8. 1805 update has been posted on boerse. Can be found here. Jump on a VPN and go get it!
  9. If you already have the 1804 files the update for the JarD's is in the "xplane_customdata_native_1804.zip" now
  10. Bummer
  11. Issues are what I'm trying to avoid
  12. I have it and I'll share it, but only if it doesn't identify with my account.
  13. Is the SimBrief code unique to each account?
  14. +1 I'm denied access to the Boerse page. Even after registering and using a VPN with German IP.