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      New! we will gradually spread the new aircrafts! REGISTER FOR SEE ALL!   02.02.2017

      Dear users! Thank you for being with us! This forum was created for Addons xplane. Call your friends and stay tuned!  
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      WorldEditor 1.6b1 Available   04.02.2017

      The first version of WorldEditor that is compatible with X-Plane 11 is now available! WED 1.6 features: - Service vehicle parking, destinations, and routes - Better validation, including a text document of errors - Additional previews in the preview pane - Hierarchy searching - New editing commands - Unicode support on Windows - Better UV map handling - Tons of bug fixes Grab a copy of WED 1.6b1 here and give it a try, then report any bugs on the Gateway Bug Reporter page. (Note that this version cannot be used to upload scenery to the Gateway yet.)
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      Внимание! Правила форума!   17.02.2017

      На нашем форуме приняты некоторые правила, просьба ознакомиться с ними в разделе "Правила форума".  We have a rules, please read them.
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      Planes for XP11   08.04.2017

      Hey guys! You can download planes for X-Plane 11 on our forum.
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      New video on our YouTube channel   21.05.2017



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    Airac 1902 https://mega.nz/#!jaIHGa6a!t75iibsTvObzok_e0UQHyOYfRW11oNBx4P68QoAAICs for those who have not mega error https://nofile.io/f/3udaZ4MBJch/Navigraph_AIRAC_1902+11.rar https://nofile.io/f/WqhPQJHCG97/cycle_info.txt
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    Once again the awesome Mr Ho Lee Fhuk has been very hard at work and dropped some updates for 1902 on boerse. This time we have Flight1 and RXP GTN750/650 packages available. No GNS530/430 at this time sorry. You can find RealityXP GTN750/650 1902 Trainer ver 6.50+ here, and the Flight1 GTN750/650 1902 Trainer ver 6.21+ here. RXP text file with the links for those that cannot access borse. Flight1 text file with the links for those that cannot access borse. If you are able, please use the link to boerse to access the files and show your appreciation to Mr Ho Lee Fhuk for sharing these other wise impossible to get updates.
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    Sorry boy. Nice try but Lufthansa will not hire you. Try at least something like this:
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    Cycle 1902 : https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5679120 129ID05376 129IB05377 129IC05378
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    hell guys, lets go and install new cycle off jeppsen charts. 1901 - magnet:?xt=urn:btih:27383C644A4090AD15A36DA36C1782EF10074349&dn=1901.iso&tr=http%3a%2f%2fbt3.t-ru.org%2fann&tr=http%3a%2f%2fretracker.local%2fannounce Full Worldwide:141OP00104 peace!
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    David Salcedo, we're so happy that you feel the need to you share with us that you want to be famous for being a software pirate that makes flightsim videos!
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    This is the torrent file for the complete JeppView 1901 - Update the existing charts only JeppView 1901.rar
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    Key: VNX1-IBYH-E5K1-7G8F Select activation by phone and use this site key: R00D-KCAB (Romeo Zero Zero Delta - Kilo Charlie Alpha Bravo). Install to disc C: only (if not, maybe works problems).
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    > not working That's not a serial number, it's a region code.
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    Ho Lee Fhuk shared the GNS 1810 but has not shared any further releases for GNS. I don't know why, there have been requests for it but he has not continued to share them. I will keep my eye out for them though.
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    1901 Cycle FOR EFB_TOPCAT_FS FC_RMD80 https://mega.nz/#!O89CjCqC!j7I6nCgEphzFCEOoUwzDaTupv11w8xr-hfY6Ic6GYow SEE U IN NEXT MONTH
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    AIRAC Cycle 1901 pack : https://mega.nz/#!q9103YRY!rmT1UISgB1TYAcLgK51XpsuWEIOlScqb2jIKpZ08ugo
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    Here is a good download: Download From MEGA Have fun cycle_info.txt