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      New! we will gradually spread the new aircrafts! REGISTER FOR SEE ALL!   02.02.2017

      Dear users! Thank you for being with us! This forum was created for Addons xplane. Call your friends and stay tuned!  
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      WorldEditor 1.6b1 Available   04.02.2017

      The first version of WorldEditor that is compatible with X-Plane 11 is now available! WED 1.6 features: - Service vehicle parking, destinations, and routes - Better validation, including a text document of errors - Additional previews in the preview pane - Hierarchy searching - New editing commands - Unicode support on Windows - Better UV map handling - Tons of bug fixes Grab a copy of WED 1.6b1 here and give it a try, then report any bugs on the Gateway Bug Reporter page. (Note that this version cannot be used to upload scenery to the Gateway yet.)
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      Внимание! Правила форума!   17.02.2017

      На нашем форуме приняты некоторые правила, просьба ознакомиться с ними в разделе "Правила форума".  We have a rules, please read them.
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      Planes for XP11   08.04.2017

      Hey guys! You can download planes for X-Plane 11 on our forum.
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      New video on our YouTube channel   21.05.2017


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  2. They have to be extracted in the C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases directory
  3. Some one managed it to update their charts? Don't get it working with the F1 ...
  4. Последняя неделя
  5. Nice landing captain... this is OIIE right? what about OIII? its finished?
  6. Spinning clouds They really breaks realism. I just can't live with those. Except this, it's beautiful.
  7. good evening and thank you all, your work is really important! How can I update the airacs of my zibo 738? thank you very much for the answers and forgive me if maybe this question has been repeated.
  8. No dawwwg',1.09 is bullshit,i stayed with the 1.07+enhancement features
  9. Looks great. XE 1.09?
  10. Soon! Who is master on traffic for Xplane? Need to do traffic in airport
  11. Thanks Ent1ty_Zer0, I really appreciate you putting the direct links together!
  12. Ранее
  13. Thanks. Nice catch for the flaps, was just on notch 1! Also others procedural screw ups like taxiing to parking with landing lights on, just to name a few haha!
  14. Nice video, nice plane and awesome scenery... Nice landing run, with a bit too less flaps IMO...
  15. I am posting this because I had some left-over video footage that I had planned to use in my Helsinki release package, and which finally did not make into the release (realized I had that freakin' mouse pointer in the middle of the screen .... yeah I know now you're not gonna take eyes off it). Anyway, just wanted to highlight how beautiful the airport is and to show it in use this time. I hope you'll enjoy:
  16. I don't like to link other peoples uploads but since many people seem to have issues with Boerse I will provide the links to the 1805 update in a text file. No Rep please. This is not my work. I am only trying to provide access to the links for those that cannot, for whatever reason gain access to the page they were posted on. All credit to Ho Lee Fhuk who made these valuable files available.
  17. I've tried multiple different browsers (including TOR), multiple VPN locations and I still can't register at boerse. The ReCaptcha never loads for me
  18. New Basemap available https://boerse.to/thema/x-plane-addons-angebote-sammelthread.416462/page-20#post-12129909
  19. "xplane customdata native"
  20. How can i update Jardesign a330 and a320? Some people say to use the native xplane archive, but the folder structure is a little different. Someone made it and worked?
  21. Sorry, can't help you - i don't fly in p3d...
  22. dyde can you help me am using pdmg 777 am an real world 777 cadet pilot just doing my training on my p3d but ILS remains park as i Select sid stars any fix?
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